Essas imagens conceito de Pokémon da vida real são impressionantes

Todo mundo que cresceu nos anos 90 brincou ou assistiu Pokémon em algum momento. Se já era bem legal no Gameboy ou na televisão, imagina como seria isso na vida real?

Recentemente o filme “Detetive Pikachu” deu esse gostinho ao mostrar como seria o mundo habitado pelos monstrinhos do anime na vida real e todo mundo foi à loucura.

Reprodução / Warner Bros.

Mas daí apareceu o artista Joshua Dunlop e foi ainda mais além.

Com artes conceito, ele recriou os Pokémon como seriam se fossem bem mais realistas ainda e o resultado é algo entre o impressionante e o amendrotador. Dá uma olhada:

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Two months ago an Alakazam that had been mistreated at a travelling circus, lost control. It tore apart the arena but thankfully was returned back into its Pokeball before anyone was hurt. The Pokemon was seized and transferred to the ‘National Rehabilitation Sanctuary’ in Western Kanto. Here a number of species that are deemed unfit for release are cared for and given a new lease on life with over 500 square acres to explore. Many ‘trade evolved’ Pokemon are deemed unfit for wild release as they don’t have a natural place in the ecosystem and are often rejected by members of their own kind. Trade evolution was discovered many years ago when matter transference technology was originally invented. The process somehow triggers primal recessive genes in their DNA that forces them to evolve into an untapped evolutionary state. Some scientists theorize that these Pokemon could once naturally evolve into these forms but for some reason lost the ability. I had asked one of the researchers, Lorna, if I could come and check up on the Alakazam and see how it was getting on. I was lead through the lush forest until we came to a clearing. She stopped and told me to be quiet as she took out two large pomegranates. She threw one into a bush and whistled.  The bush rustled and she whistled again. She threw the second Pomegranate and something amazing happened… it began to float in mid air. The Alakazam emerged from the bush holding the first fruit in its hand. Lorna explained that it had settled in nicely but didn't wander far from where it was first released. They quickly discovered that its favourite food was Pomegranate, so she made an effort to bring it some each day. At first, it was scared of humans, but over time it had warmed to her and probably for the first time in its life, was at peace. ——— Here is my final Alakazam image that is featured in my last feature video on my Youtube channel! If you would like to support the project, please check out my Patreon Page or grab cool merchandise on my Etsy store! Links in my bio 🙂 #Pokemon #PokemonZoology #Alakazam #joshuadunlopconceptartist

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O nível de detalhes do trabalho dele é impressionante!

Veja outros tipos de Pokémon neste álbum aqui:

Você também pode acessar a página do designer Joshua Dunlop e ver outros Pokémon e ainda comprar um calendário feito com essas artes, demais!


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